Photography  Akos Major

My art focuses only on those elements which are fundamental and critical.  Objects, colors and forms are depicted symbolically in an oblique and obscure language. Apparently banal things are altered in form and color, then juxtaposed in a new orientation. Between the conceptualism of Arte Povera and Expressionism, I find a way to express lyrical and narrative art. From visions and philosophical thoughts a mystical world emerges that has its roots in traditional Romanian iconography as well as the broader intellectual and literary traditions of Europe. German and French philosophers are major influences.

In my work, I use traditional materials like oil, encaustic, and charcoal, while experimenting with different media. I prefer two different methods of creating, the first being spontaneous and intuitive while the other is thematic and reflective. Alternating between the two techniques allows me to keep a critical distance to my art as well as follow my temperament and moods.